Friday, May 28, 2010

Striped Cardigan Vest

I always have a million different things going at once, but now and then I just drop everything and work on something until it's done. This happened to me last week when I was innocently flipping through a catalog that showed up in my mailbox. I saw a photo of a grey cardigan vest, and my brain made several great leaps, and next thing you know I had my Ann Budd book out and was swatching all over the place, and pretty soon I was knitting up a big ol' striped thing, and all the other perfectly good knitting projects already in progress went into temporary hibernation.

The stripes made it easy to stay interested, and not having to make sleeves was a huge relief. I just hate making sleeves.

I always forget how long the "finishing" portion of knitting a sweater can take. I went to bed last night thinking, Yeah, I just have to "finish" it! It's almost done! Got up this morning, started knitting right away, and four hours later…well, you can see where it is.

I'm still imagining I can wear this today, even with wet-blocking. You've gotta have your dreams.