Monday, June 14, 2010

Blue Henley Pullover

knitting 003

I’ve had this sweater in the workbasket for quite awhile, and the damp, chilly weather finally compelled me to finish it. I designed it to fit me, based on the incredible custom-fit top down raglan (lots of tutorials are available—here’s one.) I love the way you don’t have to know what kind of edging you want, or whether you want 3/4 sleeves or even if you want it to be a cardigan or a pullover, until you are well underway and can be thinking about those things as you go. I knew I wanted to wear this lovely yarn (Berroco Vintage Wool) next to my skin, so that meant a pullover with not much ease. In fact, this fits me pretty much exactly, with hopefully not too much vavoom.

knitting 001

My favorite part is these little buttons, which I made using self-cover buttons found at the thrift shop, and vintage fabric scraps. (Save all your scraps! You never know.)

knitting 007

I love them so much! And I love the macro setting on my camera! I see a thread I need to clip…

This yarn is a wool and acrylic blend, which I would have shunned six ways from Sunday a few years ago, but it’s wonderfully soft and drape-y, and it comes in a wide range of great colors. Someday soon, I’ll show you the blanket I’m making, using most of them. There is great pleasure in working with it, which is almost the whole point in doing anything, at least for me. And as my husband pointed out, the sweater I’m wearing right now is practically identical to this one, which begs the question of why I needed to make it, but you all already know the answer to that.

knitting 010