Saturday, June 12, 2010

Isn’t she lovely?


I have really begun to feel I can never have too many of these quilts. I say this because I already want another. They are so satisfying! The end result is so much more than you expect when you start laying out all the mismatched leftovers of somebody else’s scrap basket and using some whatever piece you have lying around that’s big enough for the backing. As soon as it’s quilted and you put on that seam binding (I always use red or hot pink) it is suddenly a quilt, a keepsake, something that will shelter your family and comfort them. It is suddenly worth a lot. And, if you’re like me, you will begin craving a big floppy stack of them, more quilts than anyone would ever need.


My husband said this could be the “sick quilt,” as in the quilt that doesn’t get too precious, the one that can be thrown up upon, or full of somebody’s fever sweat, and I thought that was great—of course it needs to have it’s own job, since it’s too late for it to go on somebody’s bed (oh, to have more beds) and it’s too late for it to be the Napping Quilt. But isn’t it lovely? Maybe the next one can be the Sick Quilt. This one looks like it’s for picnics.