Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet Home Sweet

Sweet Home pillow 014

I made this pillow on Sunday while watching “Bonnie and Clyde” (Warren Beatty in the 1970’s! Sooo handsome…)

I used oatmeal linen, vintage calico scraps, and a 20” down pillow (thrifted and washed in hot water—threw the ugly cover that came with the pillow away) and was more than heavily influenced by a photo in the British Country Living magazine of a beautiful something similar by Jasmine King. Good heavens, if you haven’t seen the British Country Living, get thee to your nearest Barnes and Noble and buy yourself one. Three pounds fifty is about seven dollars, and worth every cent. Jasmine uses keepsake fabrics to make small cushions and doorstops, and I knew this would be a great project with which to make use of my delicious turquoise ball-fringe.

Sweet Home pillow 020

It was so hard to get a good photo this gloomy weekend. Every time the sun peeked out, I jumped up and ran for the camera, threw all the laundry off the bed, arranged the SHS pillow, and then…a cloud went over the light. Sigh.

I really sort of hated to even use the beautiful ball-fringe, because once I had used it, I wouldn’t have it anymore. You know? I kind of wanted to hoard it and just pet it once in awhile. It really was crying out to be on a linen pillow, though, and once I had figured out what I wanted to do with the front panel, it wasn’t so hard.

(You can see the Sick Quilt has made it’s way onto the bed. Sneaky thing.)

Sweet Home pillow 023

Sweet Home Sweet. I really like that.