Friday, June 4, 2010


thrifting 006

Don’t you just love it when you go a-thrifting and manage to find all the sorts of things you hope you’ll find? That’s three vintage aprons there, a set of English tea china and a little bunch of ball-fringe. The tea set was not what you’d call complete, but there is more of it than would fit in the photo—and not that I have ever served tea, but I have a weakness for dishes, and a weakness for things English, and I always get distracted by the Merchant Ivory-style movie that plays in my head when I see things like that for sale somewhere, cheap, and then I can just picture the scene—me in a drifty white dress on a lovely old quilt, sitting down by the river under a willow tree, pouring something perfect into a cup and saucer—this exact cup and saucer, yes!—while a golden dog rests her whiskers and my companion (wearing rolled-up shirtsleeves, white linen trousers and a straw boater) tries to figure out how to make me fall in love with him.

thrifting 005

Also, I love the ball-fringe to distraction. It’s turquoise! It was 25 cents! Whimsical pillows to follow.

The aprons are already in heavy rotation, and some of the stains you see on them could be my own sloppy fault.