Monday, June 21, 2010

Totally Unnecessary Blanket

totally unnecessary blanket 005

Apart from my apparent need to just be crocheting, there is no reason at all for me to be making this blanket. Okay, here are my reasons: Berroco Vintage Wool is lovely to work with, and most of what you see up there is from that line. Also, Tif made/is making (is she done with it yet? I don’t know…) a random-stripe blanket like this, and hers is divine. Divine! So is her furniture and everything else. Go see. Finally, it appears I am the kind of girl who needs to have a Big Project in progress at all times, whether I like it or not.

totally unnecessary blanket 008

I don’t mean to sound flip, either, because I’m being sincere when I say I will pace around like a distracted cat, rearranging pencils and absently moving things around unless I have a Big Project around the place.

totally unnecessary blanket 007

That’s not even all of them. We’re so warm and cozy around here.

It’s kind of interesting to me that one day my little four-day scrap quilts will be divided amongst my descendants, and loved and washed and reused into oblivion, but these crocheted blankets, which take weeks and weeks of work and cost far more to create, will likely be collected by someone using only two fingers and a wrinkled up nose, and swiftly sent to the Goodwill, where they will languish at the price of $4.99.

totally unnecessary blanket 009