Friday, July 23, 2010

You win some, and you lose some


Here’s my sweater.

Every once in awhile (not so often with my knitting, I’m proud to say) something just fails. I had the whole body done, and very hopefully tried it on, and it was just HUGE. I know exactly what went wrong, and there was nothing for it but to rip the whole thing out. Sigh.

Luckily, as my daughter pointed out, I like to knit! So now I still have this perfectly delicious Malabrigo yarn, and it will be a successful sweater someday, and now I must go and look up the dictionary definition of “hubris.”

During the time I was knitting along, blissfully ignorant of the huge mistake that would make my poor sweater a complete dud, I also had a grand idea.

My favorite knitting chair faces the couch, and from there I am able to scrutinize my decorating choices. There was a terrible floor lamp over there, and as I was blindly knitting away I suddenly thought, hey! Wouldn’t a big paper lantern be great in that spot? (I am of the school of thinking that wants to get everything up and off the floors, and also of the school that believes you can change your life if you can achieve the proper lighting, and also of the school that wants to have a little bit of every single decorating style there is, all in the same room. Thus my Victorian/Cottage/Contemporary/Farmhouse/Free-by-the-side-of-the-road decor.)

I marshaled everyone into the car, and off we went to Pier 1 (goodness, I hadn’t been there in ages, and had forgotten how wanty it makes me. Hammocks! Wicker! Fun party dishes! Hot pink silk throw pillows!)

Naturally, the cord is ugly, but I had a solution.


I’m not sure what I think. What do you think? I’m aiming for whimsically bohemian, but it might be a little too college dorm-ish. Here’s another look:


I always love paper lanterns in other people’s decor, but in mine, they just look strange. Then again, my decor is essentially that my living room looks like somebody’s yard sale. (Wow, this photo makes me hate my couch. How I yearn for a white slipcovered couch.)

I really want to love this lantern, now that there are two fresh holes drilled in the ceiling (and two more that were mistakes, aargh.) But do I? I’m still not sure.