Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gypsy pillow


I really think this is the most photogenic pillow cover in the world.


Right? You probably want to tell me about some other smashing pillow covers you’ve seen, and really, I would love to see them all because they will inspire me until I can’t sleep at night.


Did I mention I LOVE this pillow cover? That I can’t stop staring at it? Indeed, that I have propped it up at the other side of the sofa so I can curl up and gaze upon it?


Wait, it’s better in the rocker. That way nobody will sit on it…no, don’t sit on it! Don’t lean against it! Don’t smush it! Just…look at it.


Happy, happy sigh.

You may recall that I started making these squares back in the spring, without any idea what they would become, and I toyed with the notion of making a (what else?) blanket, but when I laid them all out yesterday, they suddenly shouted “pillow cover!” and that was it.

I have used the Solid Square (#149) pattern from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks book (if you think you may be inclined to fall happily down a potholder-making rabbit hole, I do most heartily recommend this book) and an assortment of KnitPicks Shine and Comfy in sport weight, on a 3.5mm hook. I made 32 squares to cover a 20” down pillow.

This was one of those projects that made me happy every step of the way, you know?