Friday, August 27, 2010

Speed crafting


I always carry a little notebook with me, otherwise my whole life is filled with scraps of paper that will definitely get lost, especially the really important ones, and I hate it when everything in my purse is adorable except that one ugly thing, and I need my notebook to be spiral-bound, because even though those fancy bound leather books from Barnes and Noble look really awesome, they just drive me crazy because they don’t lie open.

So I made this today, in about two minutes flat.


Here’s everything I used. I just traced the front cover of the notebook onto the back of the fancy paper, cut it out, ModPodged it to the notebook (if “modpodged” isn’t a word, it should be) and then painted more Mod Podge on top. I sort of wish I’d had a piece of scrap paper that matched the industrial gray in the original notebook cover—memo for next time. I’ll bet yours turns out cute, too!