Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zip bags


I never run out of reasons to need another zip bag. Aren’t these cute? The little bird one says “tweet”—the floss I used is too close in value to the linen—must fix that.


These little bags are fully lined with calico and then I made the cutest little zipper pulls—they are stuffed balls of fabric on string. Love them! (Jeepers, is that my foot in that photo? Yes, it is. Sigh. I can’t take me anywhere.)

I confess, making these was nothing more than an excuse to use this:


I know! That is a Black and Decker Classic. Swoon! I am so totally the kind of girl who will buy an iron based on it’s vintage look. I bought this at our local hardware store, where they stock all manner of lovely old things like this iron, and canning supplies and washing soda and clotheslines. I love my little town.