Friday, September 10, 2010

C is for Cath

sewing 008

Inspired by Cath Kidston’s Vintage Style (oh, that book is so beautiful, and so out of print—goodness, I love my local library) I made this little hand towel from thrifted things and scraps. Total cost = about five cents.

sewing 001

I don’t know who “C” was, but I’ve decided she was pale and beautiful, with a long rope of brown hair coiled at the nape of her neck as she sat beside her window stitching this dainty little cloth in anticipation of her marriage to Mr. C.

sewing 005

Then they used it well and carefully, because it is soft and worn, but white as the driven snow. Mrs. C was a very good housekeeper.

The polka dots were applied using the freezer paper applique method. Tutorial coming soon!