Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting yarny

Guess what I’m getting ready to do:


You probably got it on the first try. It seems I am trying to answer the question “How many granny square blankets are too many?”


This photo from the August issue of British Country Homes and Interiors, along with my already having had a huge bag of red wool yarn the color of your Aunt Felicity’s favorite lipstick, was all I needed to jump off into another blanket project.


I can’t even tell you how much I love this already. That red yarn has been hanging around here longer than some of my kids have been alive, and finally, FINALLY, I know what to do with it. It is the most lurid color in the world, and many a sweater has been attempted and unraveled, since no human creature could wear it. It is, however, perfect for this blanket.


Here, you can see the pre-blocked result of Lucy’s join-as-you-go granny square method. So clever!


Gosh, it’s getting pretty yarny around here. I might have to embroider something soon, just to maintain some balance.