Thursday, September 30, 2010



I took this photo back in June, knowing there would come a day when the sky was like iron and the air was soggy and I would need a reminder that life is beautiful. That picture, right there, does indeed remind me that my life is gorgeous. See my chicken coop in the background? My apple tree? My tire swing?

I made this quilt back in the late ‘90s, inspired by the incredible Denyse Schmidt.


My version of her design doesn’t do her any kind of justice, but I had the most fun making it, just sewing strips together without measuring, and letting them be, hoping they would be, wonky and canted. It was such a free process, and it taught me so much. I learned that if I want to just sit and chop up some fabric and start stitching it together, it will all turn out okay, more than okay, even. It will be spectacularly cool. I will venture to say that Denyse is the Elizabeth Zimmermann of quilting—she is the boss of her own sewing, and makes her own rules. Actually, if you really want a treat, type “Denyse Schmidt” into google images and then just sit back and swoon. Her sense of color is unbelievable.


This quilt is newer, from sometime in the past year, inspired by the delicious Jane Brocket. Oh my gosh, I love them together like that, against my purple clothesline and the lush grass, with the summer sunshine filtering down.