Thursday, September 16, 2010

My first ripple blanket, revealed


There’s a certain snap in the air here in the Northeast, and the sky is that particular shade of blue, and the leaves, not yet golden, are surely beginning to think about turning. I light a fire in the mornings, and wear my Big Sweater, and wool socks.


Much of the yarn in this blanket came from my friend Orlo, who’s wife, a lifelong crafter, finally became unable to work her needles any longer, and when she left this world, he very kindly thought of me. I feel blessed and grateful, and the blanket warms me.


This Ripple is big enough for a nap, and then some. It’s big enough for a twin bed, or to completely conceal my couch, or for a girl to wrap herself in on a blustery morning and leave no knee or toe uncovered. This blanket is the very soul of coziness.