Thursday, September 2, 2010

Someday it will be chilly again


This is my first pair of hand-knitted gloves. I had always resisted making gloves because I am really a mitten girl, and knitting the thumb of a mitten is the most annoying part, and what is a glove but a mitten with five thumbs anyway? Then I saw a pair of these in Threadbear and, well, I fell kind of hard. The shop model pair was so soft and comfy, and the yarn, Colinette Cadenza in “Monet”, was 40% off, and…I assume that one day it will not be 93 degrees anymore. Also, let’s face it, I’ve already knit most everything else. Yes, I have a pattern for knitted underwear…

I actually enjoyed the challenge of making these, and they are far from perfect, but they look like real gloves and I kind of love them.


You can see there are a few things I still need to learn about making gloves, such as how to keep the holes at the base of the fingers from being so glaringly huge, and I’m sure when it turns actually cold (this is New York, after all) I will turn to my trusty mittens, but I’m thinking chilly weather right now. I’m thinking campfires and cocoa and high school sports and maybe one or two early season snowballs. Yeah, you need gloves for that.