Friday, September 24, 2010

Striped scarf


I’ve had this in the project basket for something like two years. I saw Jared’s back then and was wildly inspired, so I dropped everything and made one, and it was seriously thrilling. You use two different colorways of self-striping yarn (I used Plymouth Boku, but you can use Noro Silk Garden if you can stand the price and the itching) and work k1, p1 ribbing over 30 stitches, alternating yarns every two rows, until the yarn runs out. Watching those stripes move together over the different color combinations is amazingly entertaining! Ooh, it’s blue and purple! Now it’s rust and olive! Who knows what will happen next? You just have to keep on going to find out. Man, I loved it.

I finished the first one while listening to an audio book version of On The Road, and I gave it to my husband for Christmas that year. (Have I seen that scarf lately? Did he lose it?)

Then I missed the awesome striping action, so I started another one, and immediately went, hmmm…zzzz….


…until the other day, when I went hunting for something else, and excavated this instead.

Ooooh, aaahhh! Incredible shifting magical stripes! It was done in no time, only now we are having the kind of weather again that makes you wish you didn’t have to wear any clothes at all. I love fall in New York.


Fortunately, it’s fun just to look at it.