Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Embroidered Pillow

sewing 009

I felt like embroidering something. Alicia’s new book has just come out, and she’s made a beautiful embroidered pillow cover that had me salivating—go check it out--

Of course, it was midnight here when the urge struck me. These things always happen at midnight, why is that? I had to start stitching, and I had to start now, so I went to my bookshelf and came up with this:

sewing 006

From the book Ondori Lovely Embroidery Patterns copyright 1979, published in Japan. Perfect!

sewing 002

I stitched until my eyes felt like sandpaper, and then fell into bed. I worked on it all the next day, pausing only to eat lunch, until it was done.

sewing 008

My husband saw it and said, “You made this? That’s impressive.” He never says a word, so I was pretty pleased with myself. But this was no time to rest on laurels! It wasn’t finished yet! A square of embroidered fabric is nice, but it isn’t very useful.

sewing 022

There. Now it’s finished.

sewing 018

I put this little homemade flange thing around the edge (and had to do it twice because I am exactly the kind of girl who will spend an entire day stitching an embroidery panel until her fingers ache, but will not spend the ten minutes necessary to properly baste something) and it has an envelope closure in the back.

sewing 025

Not bad for a day’s work.