Friday, October 8, 2010

In which my friends are very good to me


This gorgeous eyeful is a bundle of Hope Valley fat quarters by Denyse Schmidt. I found it on my doorstep this afternoon. Can you even imagine? I thought I might be dreaming, but my dear friend Kristine saw the lack of any Denyse Schmidt fabric in my stash, and administered a most generous remedy.

There were other goodies in the box too, along with a personal note from Denyse herself, which made me squeal like a teenager. I really have admired her for such a long time.

Goodness, just look at those fabrics! They’re so delicious, I want to stay up until dawn now, cutting them into smaller pieces and then sewing them back together again in a pleasing manner. Then again, they’re already pretty pleasing, and I’m actually having some difficulty because I don’t want to wreck them. I do have the obnoxious tendency to resist using something lovely, to hoard it away so it is always safe, and to use something else, a fabric or yarn I love a little less, first. I am working hard to overcome it, and that will not be the fate of these fabrics. But I will cringe a little when the rotary cutter takes its first bite.

Yes, oh yes, a quilt is coming. Everything else is on pause.