Monday, October 4, 2010

Instant gratification

sewing 017

Several months ago, I made a bunch of fabric-covered buttons. I used vintage scraps—the tiniest little chunks of fabric, and there was this one, covered in what has turned out to be one of my very favorites (how I wish there had been more of this fabric. I have whittled it down to the scrappiest little pile of teensy pieces, but you never know how they might come in handy.)

I love that fabric so much. I have used it everywhere. There are little pieces of it on my towels, clothes, quilts, purses, and now on my hands, too.

sewing 014

Since I already had the button done, this project was impossibly easy.

Step 1: Go to Hobby Lobby, and buy an adjustable ring base with pad for $1.49.

Step 2: Find a button you like. If it has a shank, snip it off using wire cutters.

Step 3: Apply glue. I used E6000.

Step 4: Stick the button to the glue. Let dry.

Total time investment: about four minutes, not counting waiting for it to dry. Instant crafty gratification!

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