Friday, October 29, 2010

Spinning redemption


Well, that’s better! Spinning is never going to be my strongest event, but this looks pretty good, I think. The fiber is Blue-Faced Leicester from High Bid Farm, where they must feed their animals double Devon cream with gold bullion. It is the most delicious and most beautifully prepared fiber I have ever had the pleasure to handle, not that I am any kind of expert. In fact, I am a total novice, and you see the results there. I’m pretty sure even my dog could take this fiber and do something lovely with it.


I never know what to make with just one skein of yarn—do I need any more hats?


Maybe it’s better left this way. I could give it a name, and pet it when I’m feeling stressed out…


Can you tell I’m sorta proud of how it turned out?


Yum. How I love the process of spinning, the whole idea of spinning. It’s an ancient craft, and in my mind there are such lovely associated images, my favorite one being a vision of myself as a toothless old lady on my cabin porch, corncob pipe clenched in my lips as I happily stomp away on my treadle. I wear a long patchwork skirt, and some kind of jug band music plays on the radio.

I once did take my wheel out to the porch, and happened to be wearing a long skirt at the time, and was spinning and humming to myself (no pipe, that’s strictly for my hillbilly old age) and a passing motorist pulled over, got out of her car, and came up onto my porch, fascinated. She said, “I didn’t think anybody still did things like that anymore.” I said, “Sister, you don’t know the half of it.”