Friday, November 12, 2010

Embroidered napkins

embroidery 011

I found a set of six plain white linen napkins in a thrift store, and after a long hot soak in Oxiclean and a trip through the wash, they were sparkling and ready for some stitches. Goodness, I can’t even tell you how much I love thrifting. Everything you see in all these pictures is secondhand, including the cat. Tablecloth, dishes, silverware, floss, hoop, needle, table.

embroidery 007

The design is Pattern 952 from Laura Wheeler Designs, which I found at NeedleCrafter. I used 2 strands DMC embroidery floss throughout.

embroidery 009

Each napkin has four motifs, one in each corner. I do go overboard like that.


I think I must have the wrongest wrong kind of washable transfer marker, because I have the worst time trying to get the design from the paper to the fabric. I have tried all kinds of methods, and every one of them is lacking in some fundamental way—they drag the fabric, or the lines don’t show up well enough for my aging eyes. I don’t have much luck with carbon transfer paper, either. But never mind, bring on the stitching!

embroidery 008

I do love embroidery. I have little holes in my fingertips, and I am happy. Now I want to polish up all the silver and serve a fancy tea. Darjeeling? Oh, yes, please. Scone? Don’t mind if I do…