Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kitchen towels


We’re tearing up the kitchen right now. Or, maybe I should say my husband is tearing up the kitchen, because he’s doing all the work and I’m just buying curtain fabric and picking out paint. Yesterday, in fact, I bought curtain fabric three different times! In one day! I can’t stop changing my mind!

I am contributing to the project, in my own way. I’m embroidering dishtowels.


I don’t know how to use a power nailer, so this is how I’m helping. These are Alicia’s free downloadable Pleasant Kitchen dishtowel patterns. You can get them here. Did I mention they’re FREE? Alicia is awesome.


She has one for every day of the week, but since I only had three towels, I only did the weekend days. That’s when I’ll be home to enjoy them anyway!