Monday, November 1, 2010

Patchwork blanket, the beginning

crochet 008

There’s really no substitute for the comfort of comfort knitting. This is plain old garter stitch, and when it gets long enough, I’ll bind it off and start another one immediately. As soon as there are five or six of them (or however many it looks like will be wide enough, I’ll whipstitch them together and it will be a blanket. I cast on 40, using US 7 needles.

crochet 001

I’m just knitting with one color until the ball runs out or I feel like the patch is big enough, whichever comes first. This is almost all Berroco Vintage Wool, which is the perfect yarn for a blanket like this—soft, with a good amount of drape, and washable, and it comes in a nice array of lovely colors.

My crafty mind has been zipping all over the place this week. There’s so much to show you! Here’s a little peek:

crochet 017

My Walk in the Woods ornament kit arrived in the mail on Saturday. I could not wait to get started, so I started. It seemed a little weird to be sewing beads and sequins onto Christmas ornaments when it was only Halloween, but not weird enough to stop me. Oh my goodness, I love them. When they’re all finished, I’ll show you.