Monday, November 22, 2010

Secret quilt gift for the cowboy

Christmas 033

This quilt is a gift for someone who I’m pretty sure isn’t reading this blog, so I feel safe in showing you.

Christmas 031

This someone might like to spend his Sundays on the couch watching football, and might like to have a warm and cozy quilt to snuggle under, while eating microwave popcorn and a hot dog. No, probably he’ll be eating a big steak.

Christmas 007

This someone lives where the pines grow taller than the buildings, and where the snow sifts down early into the valley, and where the mountains are purple and you can see where they got that thing about their majesty. He needs a quilt.

Christmas 034

I cut 6 1/2” squares in mostly gold, brown, and red, and machine pieced and quilted it—on yet another sewing machine. Oh, my poor Bernina. Owning a machine like that is like having a sports car—nobody will know how to work on it, the parts have to come from Switzerland, and it will always be in the shop.

Christmas 020

(The binding hadn’t been sewn yet in this photo, but the sun came out and I had to take advantage of the light.)