Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chicken update

quilts, chickens, winter 018

This is Solo, sitting on her nest. She’s a Black x Link hen (which makes her a cross between a Barred Rock and a Rhode Island Red) and she is so named not because she’s lonely, but because someone around here likes Star Wars a little too much. Look at her giving me the evil eye—she doesn’t want me to take her egg, but she never pecks me when I reach under her for them. None of them do, but they stand up and look at me like, “Ah, jeez. I gave you an egg yesterday. You need this one, too?”

quilts, chickens, winter 015

These two white hens are Light Brahmas, and are named Raj and Kuthrapali. Because somebody else around here likes Big Bang Theory a whole lot. Also, in the foreground, you can see Lola, who is a Speckled Sussex. Lola knows she’s beautiful, she’s all, “You’re not taking a picture without me in it, are you?”

quilts, chickens, winter 017

These sweet critters are so much fun, and if you have the room, I say go ahead and get yourself some. They hop up onto my lap, and eat out of my hand, and they give me five eggs a day, which, since there’s a teenage boy in the house, is just about right.

I want to sew little curtains for their henhouse. Would that be too much, do you think?