Friday, December 31, 2010

Glass globe lanterns


Where I live in New York, winter starts early and stays a long time. We have few sunny days, and the long, dark nights can seem bitter and hard. Once the holiday season is over, we settle in for long months of deep and blowing snow, hot chocolate, and red woolen hand knit mittens.


I like to hang lanterns in the trees and on the porch, so that when I look outside on a bone-chilling night, I see the little glimmers of light and warmth peeking back at me. It helps so much. It reminds me that light and warmth will come back, and that I should enjoy these beautiful and huddled days, too.


These were made from thrifted glass light fixture globes and lengths of inexpensive chain bought at the hardware store. My husband wound baling wire around the tops of the glass, under the lip, and made three loops, equally spaced. He fastened the chains to the loops, and then joined them at the top with an S-hook. We put a glass votive candleholder and a tea light down inside each of them, and hung them from the porch. Happy New Year!