Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zora cardigan, finished

knitting 012

Here is Zora, all finished. (Looking back, it appears I have never before mentioned that I was knitting Zora—maybe because half a brown sweater front cannot really be beautifully photographed, at least not by me.) Anyway, she’s done, and I love her!

knitting 003

Zora is by Kristen Rengren, and you can find the free pattern here. (If you don’t already know about Knitty, go on over there and browse around—I’ll be here when you get back.)

knitting 004

I can’t forget to mention that this sweater is being modeled on my new Acme (yes!) dress form, which is my latest and most exciting thrifting find.

knitting 018

Could you just scream? Dear lovely size A seamstress who decided you were done with sewing, thank you, and I will take good care of it. My husband and I tinkered with her and expanded her (ahem) to fit my approximate measurements, but she’s not exactly the same shape. Close enough, though, I think. Besides, now she can model and I don’t have to try and take pictures of myself.

knitting 014

Right, back to my sweater. The yarn is KnitPicks Gloss in Cocoa, fingering weight, and I used about 7 1/2 skeins. These front bands took forever!

This yarn had been in my stash, actually in the form of another sweater, for several years, until I realized I didn’t like the other sweater that much and ripped it all out. So it’s almost as if this sweater was free! I love that.

knitting 010