Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Urchin Stone

crochet 020

I’ve been seeing these little crochet-covered stones all over the internet, and I have much admired them and quite craved them. This here is my first attempt, and next time I want to use much smaller thread, for a lacier look. The idea is the work of Margaret Oomen, who calls them “Little Urchins” because they look like sea urchins. More of Margaret can be found at the beautiful Resurrection Fern. Many thanks to my dear friend Leda for leading me to that blog. Goodness, it’s so wonderful.

crochet 003

Margaret generously provided a tutorial, which can be found here. Basically, what you do is crochet a round motif until it is approximately the same size as the rock you’re covering, and then you decrease for two rounds at the back to snug it up.

crochet 013

Happily for me, my little town in New York is full of these smooth, round stones, so even though it is an arctic tundra out there, and going up to the lake right now to search for stones would be to risk slipping on the ice and falling into the drink, I already had this stone here in the house, ready to go.

crochet 011

I can’t wait to make a whole bunch more of these. Thank you so much, Margaret!