Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bittersweet Cabled Cardigan


How does a person know she’s in love with knitting? One sign is that finishing a cable-covered cardigan like this means she can immediately cast on for something else. The huge mountain of sweaters she already has is another.


It’s not like I need any more sweaters. Or socks, or scarves, or anything else, for that matter. But sometimes, I see a pattern and I just think, Yeah! I want to knit that. Sometimes, honestly, the process is the best part. I love knitting.


Stuff like this is my idea of a good time. That’s how I know I’m a knitter.


I learned to knit when I was eleven, in the back of a station wagon, listening to Foreigner on the radio, and I have to say it has sort of agreed with me over the years.


I quite enjoy being able to do this, to make things like this sweater. I actually really, really love it.


The pattern is 01 Cabled Cardigan from the Fall 2010 Vogue Knitting (my Ravelry page is here) and I used what seems to be my new favorite yarn, Berroco Vintage, which turned out not to have been the best choice for cable work, but which is so lovely to work with and wear that I will forgive it this time.