Saturday, February 12, 2011

Felicity’s Lipstick Granny Square Blanket


The lipstick-colored Granny Blanket is done! 


I never got tired of working on this thing, not once, although weaving in that last end is always the best thing ever.  Last night as I was working on the edging, I kept stopping to just gaze upon it, you know what I mean?  Just kind of smoothing it lovingly with my hand and murmuring, “Oh, isn’t that preeetttyyy?”  The picot edge is Lucy’s—you can find it here


This blanket was meant to be.  I started it back in September after seeing one innocent little photo in a magazine.  I’m highly suggestible, I guess, because I saw the photo, thought, “Hey, I have a whole bunch of red yarn!”  and dropped everything to start making squares, right then and there. I worked on it a little while, then it sort of fell to the end of the line.  I got it back out a few weeks ago and crocheted my little fingers to the bone so I could get it done before winter’s over (though, actually, there’s no end in sight, so I guess I need not have worried.) 


This blanket is relatively small, just 72” x 84”, so it won’t fit on the bed, but I don’t need any more blankets for my bed (Haha!  I just have to laugh at that.  As if I need any more blankets anywhere at all!  My interest in making blankets is in no way relative to my need to have blankets.  I can’t explain this.)  It is mostly wool, culled from the stash, though I did buy four balls of Ella Rae Amity (a wool blend) to make up the light blue inner border of each square.  The red wool is Pingouin Fleur de Laine (this company appears to be gone forever, at least here in the US) which waited so patiently in my yarn cupboard for sooo long and which finally, finally, was the perfect yarn for something.  I bought seven balls of it for 21 dollars sometime in the early 90’s, and then it just sat there glowing like a neon sign, so unashamedly RED, so useless for clothing.  So right for this beautiful blanket.  I actually almost threw it away at one point.  I got a chill just now, thinking about that.


Love, love, love.  LOVE.