Thursday, February 10, 2011

Granny Square Patchwork Bag


I’ve been crocheting my hands off, and knitting too, and I even worked on a new(ish) quilt a few days ago, all big projects that are too boring to show you right now, so I decided to bring this little bag out to show you instead.


I made this before I started blogging, so this is it’s Big Debut. Isn’t it cute? I made 19 granny squares and sewed them together, er, in the shape of this bag. When it was lying flat, it was kind of a cross shape. It was a 5 x 3 square rectangle with two squares sticking out at each edge, which would become the sides. (You can probably figure out how it goes together by looking at the photo.) Then I cut out a piece of oatmeal linen and a piece of calico in the same shape, and fused a piece of interfacing to one of them. I can’t remember which, it’s been a while. Probably it doesn’t matter.


This calico lining is my absolute favorite fabric of all time, bought as a one yard remnant at the crafty thrift store last year. More than once, I have wished for a whole bunch more of it, but all I had was a yard, and I’ve had to make it last.

While the crocheted piece was still flat, I triple-crocheted along the top edges where I wanted the handles to go. I probably just eyeballed how many stitches I would need in order to have it fit the handles I had. (It even seems like these handles might have been thrifted, too. Keep your eyes out at the Goodwill for ugly purses with good handles!) Then I stitched up the side seams on all the pieces—let’s see, how did the lining go? I probably sewed up side seams on both pieces separately and then put the calico piece inside the linen piece and stitched around the top. That seems right—I’m not explaining it very well. You might have a better way to do it. The linen needed to be there because I didn’t want either the interfacing or the wrong side of the calico to show through the holes in the granny squares.


I tucked the lining into the bag and hand stitched around the top edge, hand sewed the triple crochets down to secure the handles, and that’s it.


This bag is built for spring. Bring on the ice cream cones and the cotton lawn dresses and the walking in the park. I am so ready.