Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jar cozy, with Crazy Daisies


See my Crazy Daisies there in the picture? My husband brought me those for No Reason a few days ago. I know! That never happens to me, I don’t get flowers unless it’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve reminded him a bunch of times beforehand that I would like some flowers for Valentine’s Day, please. So I did get some Valentine’s Day flowers, but these aren’t them. These are just for whatever, just because he loves me, I guess, and just because they’re called Crazy Daisies, which is probably the real reason altogether. They are crazy, too, they turned the water purple. I love them.

Yesterday it was an amazing 50 degrees, and all the snow went away and the ice chunks fell off the roof and disappeared, and you could just smell it in the air. There was a softening, a breath. A thaw. We’ve made it through to the other side, hooray! (Of course, today the wind is howling and the yard looks like an arctic tundra, but that’s not the point…)

Because the weather was so spectacular, a friend and I took off on a thrifting spree. She’s the perfect thrifting buddy—we like almost, but not quite, the same stuff, so we don’t fight over the loot. We were out for hours and came home with the hugest carload of finds—my goodness, I couldn’t believe it. We kept looking in the backseat and shrieking at all the bags and lampshades and pillows and fabric that was piled up back there. I scored some good stuff, and am chock full of ideas now. We had lunch at Panera (mmmm, their French Onion soup is so delish!) and then came back here so she could learn, finally, how to crochet.

I’d been telling her how easy it is, all you do is hook up a loop and pull it through for goodness’ sake, and she’s crafty, she can do it. She’s also a perfectionist, in the best possible way, which is why all her finished projects look like they were made by a pro, so I knew she’d persevere until she got the hang of crochet, which she did.

We made some little jar cozies. Nothing but single crochet, around and around, until you reach the top of the jar and cut the yarn. So easy!