Friday, February 4, 2011

Simple crochet slippers

100_6813a When I see a project somewhere, in a book or on someone’s blog, and I have all the stuff already, all the supplies are just sitting right here in the studio with me, well. I just can’t resist that.


I think, I could just make that right now, right this minute! Yes, I don’t have to make dinner, we can get a pizza! Yessss! I just push all the piles of half finished projects to one side and dig right in, and it’s kinda like getting something for free.


If I can turn that little ball of string and those scraps left over from something else into these cute slippers right here, well, I am just about possessed with the impulse to go ahead and do it.


I got both slippers out of one skein of Araucania Nature Cotton (105 yards, 100g) , and had a little bit left over. The little pink edge is a tiny shred of KnitPicks Comfy (or maybe Shine—the label is long gone) and the flower is made of scraps from my Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley haul. To make them, I used Blair’s fantastic tutorial, found here. These flowers are so dang cute I want to sew one to everything I have! I think a different one for each coat and purse isn’t too many, don’t you agree?


There’s so much to love about these little cuties. More pairs coming, I think, as I search my stash for cotton yarn. Yes, I think many more pairs.

The pattern came from Simple Crochet by Erika Knight. I am surprising myself so much lately by crocheting things that aren’t blankets. Who knew I could decipher those instructions?


Hey, did you notice my new rug? Somebody around here thinks it’s hers…