Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thrifty find


We have so much snow on the ground right now that the house is full of light, and everything just glows. I think it has snowed every day since the first of December, so out every window there is a frosty wonderland. There are also two feet of snow on the roof, so my husband is outside right now with our brand new roof rake, trying to clear it off. Never in my life did I imagine it would be necessary to shovel snow off my roof, but there you are. Two feet of snow seems like quite a lot. Anyway, I am indoors, beside the fire, crocheting. This little corner of the living room is where you will find me, if I’m home.


I found this in a thrift store the other day. It is a piece of vintage crewel work, signed “JEG 1964”. There isn’t any glass covering it, so the almost fifty years it has spent accumulating dust had dulled the colors quite a bit. I took it out of the frame and gave it a nice hot bath in Oxiclean, after which it looked much better. I really do love vintage needlework, and I’m so happy when I find one I can appreciate for more than its nostalgic value. This one is perfect.


That little squirrel down there kills me!