Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Cotton Crochet Bag


Because of the slippers, I had a whole bunch of bags of cotton yarn strewn all over the place. I was a little shocked at how much there was. I didn’t really think I’d stashed that much cotton, since I find it a little bit difficult to enjoy knitting with it.

The sight of all that cotton made me sleepy, so I lay down and pulled my Big Sweater up around my feet and fell into a doze. Who knows how many minutes later, I sat straight up and wide awake, and thought wildly, “I can make a little handbag!” That doesn’t happen to you? Hmmm. Well, I dug around in the piles of yarn until I found what I was looking for, three balls of Drops Ice Wintercotton. (Doesn’t that sound lovely? Wintercotton? It is lovely, very much so.) I’ve had it forever, and I don’t even know where I got it or why. It’s a gorgeous icy shade of pale blue, and I used every shred of it for this bag.


Here’s a little peek at the inside—lined with calico, as all things should be. I’m thinking about re-upholstering the interior of my car in cotton calico…


Check out that perfect vintage button! Always my favorite part.


This bag is 10” x 9”. All I did was crochet a rectangle in woven stitch, saving enough yarn for the strap, until the yarn was gone. Then I folded the rectangle and stitched up the sides. I stitched the lining in by hand, and sewed on some bone rings I found at the craft thrift store. (Yes, there’s a craft thrift store! I know!!!!!)


Then I made a twisted cord for the strap and stitched it in place by hand, added the button and loop closure. (When will I learn to do that BEFORE I sew in the lining? *eye roll*)


Even though it’s made of “wintercotton,” this bag makes me want to wear short sleeves again. Maybe a little pair of sandals. It makes me want to go somewhere without mittens and a hat and a pair of extra shoes. I guess I am wishing for spring.