Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Plans


I have big plans. Inspired by this and this, but mainly this, I have been doodling and drawing design plans for a redo of my workroom, which, at the moment consists of big heaps of projects in progress, loose pieces of paper with patterns and design ideas all over the place, and a big messy jumble of yarn, fabric, floss, needles and hooks and thread and elastic and snaps and buttons in jars—it is everywhere. It is total chaos, and this room is Right in the Middle of the House. The front door opens into it! If you want to get anywhere at all, you’ll have to go through this room first, and you’ll have to step around a basket of wool to do it. It’s a mess, and I can’t stand it.

My friend Amy, who is a professional designer, came over with her fancy rulers and we measured everything, all the doorways and furniture, and I kept confounding her excellent scale drawings with the awesome architectural handwriting by saying, “But I love that sofa!” and “what about my great-grandmother’s marble-topped table?” and “will that big yellow chair fit over here? I can just walk around it!” Because she is patient and magical, we figured out how to make it all work.

Now all I need is a can of paint, these shelves, and about four hundred hours of free time to make it happen! Stay tuned.


More vintage needlework. If I tell you I love thrifting, will you be surprised? No? I knew it.