Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crocheted Stash Basket


This is the Crocheted Stash Basket from The Purl Bee (pattern here.) Yet another one of those times when I had other plans but had my head turned by temptation. Sara blogged about it yesterday, and when I saw that photo, I was a goner. Those lovely ladies at Purl really know what they’re doing!


At first, I thought, Stash basket? Yeah right—have you seen my stash? But you can see there. That’s a lot of yarn. it is hardly the whole stash, but it is quite a bit.

The quest for containers to hold all the clutter is an ongoing one around here, and if I can turn some of the clutter into a container, so much the better! That’s a win/win, right there. Purl Bee suggests a rustic silk yarn, which will make the end result look like a basket, but I used two big balls of ecru dishcloth cotton, which looks baskety enough for me.