Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Garden Party Project Bag

This is my new favorite project bag. I love to have a fantastic project bag; I can’t stand carrying my knitting around in a plastic bag from the grocery store. I have this idea that, somehow, the look of my project bag will actually affect the project that’s inside it. I know. But since part of the fun is the process, I want everything to be as pretty as possible. (I will choose a needle or hook that matches the yarn, too. The fact that I can do that means my collection of hooks and needles is way too big.)
This bag was pretty simple—I used Lucy’s flat circle pattern to make the bag bottom, then switched to the Catherine Wheel stitch pattern in two colors, which came from Sasha Kagan’s book Crochet Inspiration. I had to do some figuring in order to make it work in the round, but that’s pretty much how I roll, I just look at the picture and figure out how to do it my own way. Once I had it solved, I just kept going until it looked tall enough, then added the bobble shell edging, also from the lovely Lucy, and then a pair of handles made with three rows of single crochet.
I think this flower just makes the whole thing! It’s actually two flowers sewn one on top of the other, made from patterns also found in Crochet Inspiration. Once I sewed that flower on there, I was in love. Now I want to take my knitting (which at the moment is just a boring piece of gray cardigan) everywhere I go, whether I’m planning to work on it or not.