Friday, March 11, 2011

Give a hoot


Reusable grocery bags make me happy. I have a bunch of those yucky webbing ones with the store logos on them—something about that webby fabric kind of negates all the happiness I get out of saving a tree, I just hate the feel of it, ugh—so I made my own.


All four of these are made from one sheet I got at the thrift store. (I think it originally came from Target.) It is 100% cotton, and while I can’t imagine wanting to put it on my bed, it was perfect for this project.

I used the Jane Market Bag pattern from Alicia Paulson, modified a little to eliminate the pocket and contrasting fabrics. It’s an adorable pattern, full of little details that make your bags so much more awesome than those icky store ones. These are fully lined in the same fabric—this sheet was pretty big, full-size, and I probably could’ve squeaked another bag out of it, but four seemed like plenty—and are therefore reversible as well as washable. Yeah!


I’m just happy I remembered to make sure the lettering was right side up. It wouldn’t have been the first time I’d made a mistake like that. Anyway, I can’t wait to go grocery shopping now. Actually, I should do that, to take my mind off this:


That’s the first skein of Cody’s lambswool. It got a little felted. Panic, panic, panic…


That isn’t so bad, right? Reassure me. I can’t touch it until it’s dry, since messing with it while it was wet is how it got this way in the first place. I’m trying not to start freaking out and sucking my thumb…