Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knowing when to say when


I’m in a git ‘er done kind of mood right now, so yesterday afternoon, I got this out to work on it.  It’s been lurking in the work basket for almost a year, kind of in limbo, because I don’t love it, and as I realized when I looked at it again yesterday, have never loved it.  All the time, I kept thinking that if I just added another color—the right color this time—then it could be saved and I would start to see what it was I liked about all these colors together when I started.  (It didn’t help that I’d raided the basket for yarn to make this blanket and this one, taking all the nice brights and really good colors away and leaving nothing but navy blue, a couple reds, and mustard brown.)  I tried to imagine where this blanket would end up if I powered through and finished it, and I saw it in my closet, in a box underneath the winter coats.  That’s a huge waste of this beautiful yarn. 

Nope, even though it was halfway done and I liked working on it (because, hey, crocheting is fun!) this blanket was over.  So I spent an hour turning it into this:


Friends, it felt good.