Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Patchwork Crochet, Part One


I have yarn.  I have so much yarn that if you were here and I opened the yarn cupboard, you’d get to have a nice long belly laugh as you watched it all explode from the cabinet and slither out onto my head.   This picture represents such a tiny fraction of my stash, such a laughably small portion of my monstrous yarn collection that when I pulled it all from the cupboard—and I swear this is true—no dent in the yarn was made.  There appears to be just as much yarn in the cupboard as there was before I took all this away. 

What are you gonna do, right?  Hey, I know exactly what to do, and so do you!


Yup, it’s another blanket.  I am so excited about this pattern that I could hardly sleep at all last night!  I just wanted to tiptoe to the workroom and get cracking.  In fact, I’m itching to work on it right now…see ya later!