Sunday, May 1, 2011

A summer dress for Pippa


I’m feeling like the cat’s pajamas today, because I have designed a dress and it worked!  Okay, so it is somehow sized to fit Pippa Middleton, but if she were here, she would be all over this little summer sundress.  Maybe she’ll keep me in mind for when she marries Prince Harry…hey, don’t crush my dreams.


This was supposed to have been the muslin (er, prototype, test run, whatever) but cripes, it totally turned out perfectly well, right out of the box.  If only I were a size smaller.  But that’s no big deal, since I can make that adjustment easily on the next go. 


Actually, I shouldn’t say I designed this all the way by myself, because here’s what happened:  I was in Anthropologie.  There was a simple little jersey dress, beautifully cut and really soft.  It cost a ridiculous amount, so I looked at it, saw that it was made of only two pieces of fabric and some edging, and thought, as I often do, Jeepers, I can make that.  Naturally, the Anthropologie dress is much more well-made and would probably last longer than this one will, but the concept is simple enough, and anybody could do it.  And this fabric was two bucks a yard, so it was worth a try. 


All I did was draw a side-view of the dress with the skirt flared out and made a pattern to my measurements.  Cut out two, seam them at the center front and back, and add the trim edging around the top.  This one ties behind the neck, but those straps could easily be stitched to the back of the bodice if I wanted.  It is an extremely simple but flattering construction. 


Pippa, I await your call.