Monday, June 6, 2011



I worked on this for three hours this morning, and have one row to show for it, because as soon as I started adding pink, I suddenly didn’t like it and had to rip out a whole bunch of rows.  Now I’m not sure what to do next, and none of the colors look good together—ugh!  Very un-cozy.  It does look pretty, just like that.  Too bad it won’t even reach my knees yet, so I must wait for inspiration to strike me.  The pink has to go in there for the brown to work…think, think, think…


I picked these weeds wildflowers yesterday, from the front yard of an abandoned house.  Somebody comes along about twice a year and shears off the grass in that yard, going in a big hurry, leaving big seedy stems in between the rows and the clipped grass looking like heaps of hay.  I don’t think anybody cares about that house but me—something about it is wonderful and lonely, and I can imagine the robin’s egg blue kitchen and rose-printed wallpaper, and myself in an apron in the doorway.   The roof sags and tree seedlings are coming up in the gutters, and I know it won’t be very long before the ivy covers it completely and it disappears into the woods, but the lilacs still bloom in it’s dooryard, and lilies come up beside the overgrown hedge.

All of which is to distract myself from the problem at hand:


What to do?  Think, think.