Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paper Pieced Hexagons


I spent all day piecing hexagon rosettes by hand—very, very addictive, I warn you.  Give this one minute and before you know it, you’ll be headfirst in your scraps bag, rootling around for different color combinations and ignoring the dinner dishes. 

I‘m having a blast, but I’ve learned a couple things:  first, I think I’ve taken the whole scrap-saving thing to a new level of crazy.  If the piece is such a teeny shred that I can’t make one hexagon from it, then it’s too small, and even if I do want it for something small later, I’ll never be able to find it again.  What good are all these little postage-stamp-sized bits if I don’t know where they are?  (Memo to self—must go through and catalog wee scraps so as not to have to ditch anything…)  Also, I am in dire need of a crash course in geometry, because, it turns out I can’t make a cardboard hexagon with six sides that are actually equal to each other, no matter how many scientific instruments I use.  


But, oh, these things are bliss.  This is exactly the kind of thing I love.  Picture it:  you make some coffee, get all comfy in your chair just as Casablanca is starting, and you’ve got your tidy little workbasket there, with needle, thread, scissors, cute velvet pincushion shaped like a strawberry, and a whole mess of fabric scraps.  Then you just while away the hours, making tiny little stitches just the way granny did them, and you don’t think about how far away you are from being anywhere near a whole quilt top, no, you don’t think about that at all because such thinking will make you look at your wee pile of hexagons and get a little panicky.  Which is not where we want to be, come on, keep stitching, watch the movie…


Cut, baste, stitch.  Cut, baste, stitch.  Keep going.  This could take a year or ten.  Lovely!  If you’re interested in this technique, let me direct you to Hilde Klatt’s gorgeous blog.  Especially this.  That gives me some serious quilt envy!


Oh, happy sigh.  This is the coziest thing yet.