Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prairie Pillowcases

I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of pillowcases.   Ma Ingalls probably had only two sets; one for on the bed and one for in the wash, and possibly another for “best,” but I have dozens, and I love them all.   I love getting the bed dressed, figuring out which quilt to use and which pillowcases will match my mood.  
I made these yesterday, from two yards of vintage fabric, and then I crocheted the lace edging and sewed it on while watching a M*A*S*H marathon on TV.  (Goodness, that’s such a good show, I’d forgotten.)
The lace pattern came from this book, which is a great resource.  I feel like I’ve been searching for a book like this all my life, and now I can make petticoats and chemises, and trim them with cotton lace edging, and wear them every day.  (Now if only I could find a book full of embroidered alphabets, I’d be all set.) 
I decided enough was enough and I made myself learn how to read the pattern chart, knowing it would make my life so much happier, and finally, I got the hang of it.  Now all those Japanese pattern books I have my eye on will be more than just eye candy! 
It’s so hard not to go right on in there and take a nap, right now.