Thursday, July 7, 2011

19th Nervous Breakdown


My sports car sewing machine is on the fritz again.  It’s a way fancier and more finely crafted machine than I am worthy to own, and the first fifteen years or so of the benign neglect it suffered in my care means that it is now constantly breaking down.  I have a backup plan sewing machine (you don’t have two sewing machines?  Are you serious? ) but it’s a cheap little thing with none of the awesome features the Bernina has, and to which I have become accustomed, so the quilt moves slowly. (I try to love that Bernina, I really do, but she makes it so hard.)  This has nothing to do with that picture up there.  Those flags just cheer me up.


I hate it when I get to this point, all on a roll, and the sewing machine just goes eeeeeeeeeerrrrrr…pfft.  I’m all set up, with iced coffee and everything!  I don’t want to tinker with machinery innards!