Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cozy Nook


I have caved to the pressure.  I went out and got an e-reader.  Something sort of scares me about these things, and I’m not one of those old girls who will tell you they don’t want to make the leap because they just love the smell of paper and all that, but jeez, books are just so easy.  But you have to change with the times, right?  Plus, it’s a gadget, and I can stitch a cozy little cozy for a gadget.  Say no more!


It’s not really floating on water; that’s a glass-topped table.  Cool effect, though!

This is my own modified version of a pattern found here, changed to suit the different dimensions of my gadget; 6.5” x 6”.  It’s just a padded and lined envelope with a leather loop and vintage button closure.  The lining fabric matches the strip on the front, and the cover is a scrap of oatmeal linen I had leftover from something else. 

This was an on-the-fly project, so I think this is what I did:  I think I cut the lining, the batting, and the linen to 6.5” x I dunno, longer than it needed to be—maybe 18”?  Probably.  Then I sliced off one end of the linen and patched in that piece of contrast fabric, and then lined up the outside piece and the batting and quilted them together “in the ditch” along the contrast patch.  Then I folded each piece short-wise, seamed up the sides of both pieces, tucked one inside the other (pinning the leather loop in place—between the layers, loop side down, on the back side of the envelope) cut away the extra length at the top edge (maybe an inch?) and stitched around the top edge.  Then I clipped a small hole in the bottom edge of the lining fabric, turned it right side out through that hole, pressed everything, and stitched the hole shut on the right side.  Then I tucked the lining inside the bag, pressed it again, topstitched around the opening, and sewed on the button.  That’s it!