Sunday, August 21, 2011

If Loving Granny Squares is Wrong, I don’t Want To Be Right


It appears I just can’t get enough of granny squares.  I hatched another plan one day recently when I went to add another ball of leftover yarn to the scraps basket and couldn’t get the lid to go back on it.  It is time to really either put those little ends to some use or get rid of them entirely, and well, you know I can’t get rid of them.  Look how great they are together!  I decided to make 400 (I know!) three-round grannies, just whenever I get a moment, whenever the mood strikes me, with no other plan in mind.  I am really, truly going to try not to be all goal-oriented about this thing. (Although if I need 20 x 20 squares at 4 inches square to cover the bed and I can make one square in seven minutes, or about ten squares an hour, it will take me X number of hours to complete the top, minus the edging…all of a sudden I’m doing algebra, and since when did needlework get to be so much about math???)  What I really want is to have a lovely basket of yarn bits beside the chair, with a hook and a little pair of scissors right in there, and to just make a square or two here and there, whenever I feel like it, until there are suddenly 400 of them. 


Isn’t it great, just to look at them all together?  I get such a kick out of that, just that all by itself.  They are every color, too.  This is the Blanket Without a Color Scheme, because I am trying to use up everything in the basket.   There will be a unifying color at the end, which I will choose at the last minute, and then hook a last round on each square in that color, joining as I go, but for now, it is a motley mess of color, and that’s the way I love it.


Yesterday, we delivered the girl back to school for her third year at Hogwarts, and the boy, just sixteen, drove all the way home.  I rode in the backseat, trying not to be a nervous nellie, keeping my head down and my eyes on the hook, knowing Dean is a good and calm man and would not let the boy kill us all, and I managed 23 of these little lovelies before it got too dark to work on them anymore.  It was the best balm ever.  I do not think I could raise teenagers without the soothing work of yarn.   He’s got a lot more driving practice to do, and I have another 350 squares to go, thank goodness.