Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Little Stitchy-ness


Did you see this, from Anna Maria Horner?  Oh my goodness, now I have to repaint the kitchen again.  Is that a perfect room, or what?  Those striped curtains just made my heart pound.  I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve re-painted the rooms in this house.  I go from neutral to color, and back to neutral, and back to color, wallpaper once, back to neutral.  I think I just love everything, that’s what my problem is.  That, and the fact that I lovelovelove to decorate and make things.  Sometimes I think it would be great to walk into a finished room, have it be all perfect, looking like a magazine photo shoot—then I realize I’d probably sit down for five minutes and then hop up again to start crocheting a doily, and that doily has to go somewhere…I guess I’ll be living in a work-in-progress forever, and I might as well be okay with it.


Anna Maria designed this fantastic embroidery table thingy (you can find the free pattern here) and I stitched my own version of it last night while watching Edward Scissorhands (Johnny, why are you so awesome???) and everything was fine until:


I scissor-handed it.  Dang, those embroidery scissors are small, but they are pretty sharp.  Every once in awhile, I like to give myself these little reminders to pay attention and take care.  I need little reminders like that.  Well, it’s only needlework, so I didn’t freak out too much, and I’ve decided not to worry about it.  There will probably be a coffee ring on it before too long anyway.  That’s life around here.


I followed all of Anna’s directions except the one that said, “Press well.”  Nope, I can’t do that.  If it had said, “Press pretty well, leaving a bunch of wrinkles around the stitching” I would have been okay.  Honestly, I don’t know how anybody does that, presses something completely wrinkle-less.  I think you need one of those teeny ironing wands people use for applique, maybe. 

I used DMC Perle Cotton 5 in colors #977, #351, #309, #415, and #822, and some kind of stash fabric that might be a linen/cotton blend (who knows—it grew when I got it wet, aargh.)  The backing is something lovely by Valori Wells for Westminster fibers:


I think it’s called “Wren” and it’s a good thing I like it, because it kinda shows through to the front. 


My mom is going to see this and laugh her head off.  She’ll say, “Do you have to put something on every single surface?”  Yes.  Yes, I do.