Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She’s a dabbler

100_8213a  Something about my last vacation made me want to paint something.  I probably should have just painted the kitchen, but instead I painted this.  It’s very teeny, only 3” x 5” and it’s just hanging on the wall with a loop of packing tape.  (Super-professional, I know.  I hope it doesn’t fall off and land in the dog’s water) 


Here’s another.  I’m kind of asking myself what’s the point of doing this when I have the actual photos, but all I can say is I just felt like painting.  I’m also kind of hoping you won’t look at them too closely; my limitations are so apparent.  There was no way for someone with my total lack of skills to capture the incredible color of the water in the Caribbean. 


This is the last (no, sorry, second to last) Beach Vacation 2011-related project to appear in these pages.  I promise.  Sorta.  

I did these little paintings in about twenty minutes flat, and only quit when I ran out of blank canvases.  Then there’s this:


I sort of feel like the paint palette is prettier than the art itself.  Do you all ever feel that way, too?